reverse osmosis and water

Pure water system
reverse osmosis and water
Puris, Evo-RO & ROP Water System
- They produce Types Ⅱ and Ⅲ, Ⅳ grade water, and the produced
water can be utilized for formulating microbe culturing media, final
rinsing of experimental equipment and materials, thermohygrostats,
sterilizers, and as feeding water for ultra-pure water producing
- The 4.3"-wide graphic display enables identification of pure water
quality, filter pack utilization condition, level of storage tank, etc.
Microprocessor Control System
All works such as replacement cycle of consumption goods like filter cartridge, state of water quality, service check, state of standby, automatic circulation, and self-diagnosis, are operated by the program setting.

Measuring Cell
- Increased precision by changing method of sensing cell.
- Displaying water quality with temperature compensation.
- Measuring conductivity of production water and resistivity(Esse-RO Post Model)of 2stage water.

Optimized Product Quality
- Automatic washing function.
- Automatic feature to drain production water below certain water quality.
- Storing water only over certain water quality in the reservoir tank.

-This system is available to make production expansion on the same unit.
-Possible to upgrade production water up to ASTM II analysis grade.